ehartje can assist you as an independent consultant or as a project manager on projects at the juncture between marketing and architecture. The focus of his work lies in the development and realisation of high-quality corporate design solutions – in 2D and in 3D. The results are expedient and actionable concepts with successful implementations, even in complex sales networks.

ehartje can work on your project as a subcontractor, when there is a shortage of staff, or as an interim manager for temporary work. ehartje works independently from creative agencies and production service providers, on a fee basis, and invariably 100% in line with your ideas.

3 approaches form the core of ehartje’s work

Design creates value

Whether it is online, in print, or in the space, a visual and tangible first-rate design makes a crucial difference to the perception of products and services. Today’s competitive context is constantly becoming more complex and more transparent. That’s why an authentic and high-class representation of the company’s identity and of the brand is, now more than ever, pivotal to price positioning and therefore to entrepreneurial success.

With head & heart

With many years of experience both in results-orientated marketing management and on the design-orientated creative side, Elmar Hartje can support you from strategy development to all details of operative implementation. At the interface between reason and emotion, you will receive a concept tailored ideally to you and your marketing goals. This will be followed by an implementation that opens up the entire creative potential of the creative partner for your goals without blowing your marketing budget.

Doing the right thing the right way

Structured and tightly executed processes create effective planning and efficient implementation: at the beginning of development, ehartje supports you in making those fundamental, conceptual and target-orientated marketing decisions. Among others: what is and is not necessary? Following this, ehartje guides the implementation to ensure it adheres to the timeframe and budget, and to achieve a corporate design which is permanently executed on every level of your business.

„It is mostly a question
of bringing order to chaos
and chaos to order.“


A precise plan lies at the beginning of every design process. After an intensive phase of developing a common understanding of the areas that need attention, ehartje develops an extensive concept for you, which incorporates all of the necessary measures and tasks, and does so by working very closely with you until the decision-making stage.

Listening & Understanding
  • Creating a mutual understanding of the values and aims of your business and brand
  • Analysing the products and services, as well as the markets and their development
  • Clarifying internal decision-making and implementation structures
Planning basics
  • Developing brand strategies and positioning
  • Determining the required calls for action as well as the unnecessary tasks
  • Clarifying the parameters, including the budget
New thinking
  • Devising future formats and content
  • Establishing and determining new communication elements and features
  • Stipulating the tasks for the creative partner and the production partner
Organise & structure
  • Defining and prioritising the fields of action
  • Clarifying internal and external processes and duties
  • Setting timeframes and budgets

„Sustainably successful design processes
can be resolved neither completely
internally nor completely externally“


Upon implementing the concept, ehartje takes control of both the creative and production partners and supports you in anchoring the results in the business over the long term.

Implementation basics
  • Project organisation
  • Implementation management
  • Time management and budget control
Management of creative work
  • Preparation of briefings and tender documents
  • Identification, evaluation, and selection of appropriate creative partners
  • Continuous supervision of the creative partners
Managing production
  • Preparation of tender documents
  • Identification, evaluation, and selection of appropriate production partners
  • Continuous supervision of the production partners
  • Quality control
Anchoring in the company
  • Developing guidelines and carrying out training
  • Building multiplier networks
  • Planning accompanying IT systems
  • Formulating company-wide learning, motivation and feedback processes

Services by partners

Creative partners
When it comes to creative services, the correct partner is essential in order to formulate appropriate contents as well as to ensure an adequate and actionable design. You therefore select a suitable partner for each project together with ehartje.
Production partners
After planning and creating content and design, implementation in all conceivable formats is the crucial step. ehartje will help you select and commission a suitable production partner – or will happily assume the full management role for you.

„Authentic communication
is the key to long-term
market success“

About Elmar Hartje


seele group

High-end facade construction company

Marketing management

  • Responsible for group-wide international marketing and PR for clients, employees, the job market and the public
  • Creative and content-related implementation in all media and formats

Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG

Car manufacturer

Management of international 3D corporate design

  • Responsible for the three-dimensional representation of the brand Porsche at the point of sale
  • Management of the CI initiative in the global, two-tier trade organisation with over 600 car dealerships

Boston Consulting Group

Strategic management consultancy


  • Sales and marketing concepts
  • Business management analyses and process optimisation

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology



  • Graduate engineer in Architecture
  • Cand. Ing. in Mechanical Engineering
Elmar Hartje would like to be paid on a fee basis. A lack of commercial interest in creative and production services – or even in commission payments, kick-backs and the like – enables him to work exclusively according to your wishes, and assures everybody that nobody has to follow a hidden agenda
Fortunately, the times when advertising had to constantly promise the very best results are over. With markets becoming more transparent, customers learn how to make an informed and balanced decision for themselves – thereby communication can and must offer the highest degree of authenticity
Perfectionism plays a particularly important role at the beginning of each project: detailed planning and looking far ahead at the beginning of each project allow the correct decisions to be made. This is to ensure that any unplanned or unexpected surprises neither make things tough for the creative partner nor exceed the budget
At the end of the day, along with the consistency of all plans and besides the necessary discipline for subsequent implementation, a high level of pragmatism is necessary in order to efficiently establish a sustainable design
Today, almost every product and every service is in international competition and in turn can come into demand on the global market. Elmar Hartje’s work is continuously molded by a global view, which is based on a diverse international experience
For the long-haul
It is in Elmar Hartje’s nature to create long-term and sustainable concepts. The continual goal is to further develop the business identity and the brand in a way which is continuously evolutionary and seldom revolutionary, thereby achieving the highest level of efficiency at the lowest cost



Referenz: weiskind
Project manager for an exhibition stand at automatica in Munich
Referenz: Bentley
Strategy workshop for the development of a new corporate architecture
Referenz: seele
Development and implementation of an entire spectrum of marketing formats for clients, applicants, the job market and the public
Referenz: Mercedes
Designing an extensive corporate design rulebook and continuously providing project support during implementation
Referenz: Porsche
Development and implementation of a 3D brand presence in terms of architecture, interior design and furnishings for over 600 car dealerships
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  • Porsche
  • seele
  • weiskind

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