A precise plan lies at the beginning of every design process. After an intensive phase of developing a common understanding of the areas that need attention, ehartje develops an extensive concept for you, which incorporates all of the necessary measures and tasks, and does so by working very closely with you until the decision-making stage.

Listening & Understanding
  • Creating a mutual understanding of the values and aims of your business and brand
  • Analysing the products and services, as well as the markets and their development
  • Clarifying internal decision-making and implementation structures
Planning basics
  • Developing brand strategies and positioning
  • Determining the required calls for action as well as the unnecessary tasks
  • Clarifying the parameters, including the budget
New thinking
  • Devising future formats and content
  • Establishing and determining new communication elements and features
  • Stipulating the tasks for the creative partner and the production partner
Organise & structure
  • Defining and prioritising the fields of action
  • Clarifying internal and external processes and duties
  • Setting timeframes and budgets

„Sustainably successful design processes
can be resolved neither completely
internally nor completely externally“